Welcome to Starfish Studios!

Starfish Studios is a new upcoming game development studio working on Hexonomy!

About Us

Starfish Studios is located in Birmingham, AL and currently working on releasing their first game, Hexonomy. To learn more about Starfish Studios and their owner Austin Woods, check out his page!

We are currently working on a new upcoming game called Hexonomy, a chess-like hex tile economics strategy game. Chain together hundreds of combinations of businesses to create a massive economic empire to beat your opponents with. Be careful, your opponents can synergize with your businesses, creating other chains that reap the benefits of your resources hard-work. Placing a business in the wrong place could lead to disaster, or keep your opponent out of the market. Strategy is key in this real-time economic development game.

Let's Connect!

Check our Twitter for updates, or join our Discord for real-time development updates!

Our Current Goals

These are the things we are working on right now!