2022 Hexonomy Roadmap

Content Development and Completion

November/December 2021

Will continue to complete and finish all of the functional code for planned businesses. This includes all gameplay aspects of businesses, however artwork will be created and updated at a later date. The goal of this phase is introduce more working and functional businesses into the game. By the end of 2021, our goal is to have enough businesses implemented in game to play a full 10-15 minute game of Hexonomy.

Artwork Updates for Business and UI

January 2022

The start of the year will include artwork updates and tweaks for businesses and user interface objects. We hope to implement more player profile customization and color palette options. We also are really hoping to be able to have all new artwork for business icons. At the time all business icons are drawn in house (and we know they do not look very good. Trust us.). This month we are hoping to bring in some outside talent to help make the artwork for Hexonomy pop, however it means that all businesses will have to be integrated before starting the new artwork content phase.

Artifical Intelligence Starter Development

February 2022

No game is complete without having options to play against the AI. This month will be dedicated to creating an artifical intellgence that can be added to games. AI should be able to play with multiple players, or against a single player, giving players the options to mix and match how you play the game. Most likely though, AI will not be included in the September release, but will be a very long term goal. We will continue to give updates on AI development throughout 2022. Plan for AI to be released in Beta.

Simple Matchmaking

March 2022

We will work throughout March to include a very simple matchmaking system. Please note this WILL NOT BE SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING. Skill based matchmaking will be a very long process to include for Hexonomy that will also require a very large sample set of players as well as dedicated servers. At the time of release, it will not be possible to include these things as the player base is most likely going to be too small. At release, all games will be played via player-hosted servers, meaning game integrity will be at its lowest. Until there are methods in place to validate fair gameplay, skill based matchmaking will not be included in Hexonomy, although this is subject to change in the future.

Content Development Phase

April 2022

During this time we want to add the functionality of a number of new business in order to create more strategical diversity in the game. Hoping to inegrate 40+ new businesses during this time. This will just be functional code and there is no promise all of these businesses will be complete prior to September release. During this content phase, we will also add a ton of new modifiers to the Globals, Player, Business, ands Tile modifiers to continue to diversify strategical advantage.

Artwork Development Phase

May 2022

During May we will work on all the artwork for the new businesses to be included into the game. Artwork is always the last phase of development for a new business, so once artwork is complete it can be added to the game. During this month of development we will also re-evaluate other art elements for potential update where needed.

FLEX Planning and Development

June/July 2022

June we have dedicated to FLEX. As we continue to develop, our goal at all times is to hit all of our benchmarks for every month of development, but sometimes that doesnt always happen. FLEX is our way of ensuring we have time to complete these tasks. FLEX includes additional goals we want to complete, but also allows us to move goals from other development phases here if we dont complete them. Our roadmap includes this month in order for us to either CATCH UP on missed goals or COMMIT to new tasks. More on this close to June!

Network and Performance Optimization

July/August 2022

July will be all about optimization. This includes compressing textures to save hard disk space, trying to rework code to reduce the network packet size, and work on LOD textures and graphics options in order to ensure that all players can achieve smooth 60+ fps gameplay on all hardware options.

Testing, Bugs and Polishing

August 2022

The month prior to release will be dedicated to correcting any bugs we found during previous phases as well as to continue testing as much as possible to identify any bugs before launch. Our goal with the September release is to put out a bug free version of the game before trying to add more content.

Steam Release

September 2022

We are hopeful that by September of 2022, we can release a functioning ALPHA product to the public for playing. This date could change at any point in development pending any sort of issues with development, but we fully intend on having a purchasable product by September 7th, 2022. The remainder of September will include NO CONTENT UPDATES OR PATCHES. The entire month of September will be dedicated to Release Support and working on Hotfixes for any issues or bugs found at release.

Release Support and Beta Development

October 2022

We are hopeful that by October, the current release will have been fully supported and any hotfix patches could correct any problems, but we still have October mapped for Release Support. Pending a successful release, we will utilize the remainder of October for Beta Content Developement.

Content Development

November 2022

We will continue to work on new businesses and artwork and ensure they are ready for release at the start of December. This phase will include balancing, artwork, and new code procedures. We will also be including a number of new modifiers for this update and will continue to balance and adjust these modifiers.

Content Patch 1, and Vacationing

December 2022

On December 1st 2022 our goal is to release our first free Content Patch. This will include a number of new businesses to use in-game. We will use the remainder of our time in office to support this release. Our goal is to wrap up 2022 development by December 15th. The 15th to January 22nd we will be out of office for vacationing!